Beginning quote“There are so many people out there struggling with weight and eating issues! What they need is support and practical suggestions for healthier foods and “easy to do” exercise. Losing and maintaining the lost weight or preventing the development of diabetes is one of the most difficult things a person can do! It is also one of the most important!”

If you choose Debra as your nutritionist, rest assured that she will be completely dedicated to you or your family’s particular nutrition concerns. Clients leave her office with a packet of reference-based nutrition information as well as a personal computer- generated meal plan.

Referrals to other health care professionals are given as Debra firmly believes that it takes a team to deal with many of today’s chronic and disabling diseases.

Throughout her career, Debra has been passionate about helping Americans eat healthier whole foods and teaching them how to avoid those that are fast and processed. In fact, she has dedicated most of her adult life to this end and continues to do so! She certainly practices what she preaches, eating regular small meals in the Mediterranean style and exercising at least four times per week! Join Debra in her crusade to stop diabetes and obesity: the twin epidemics of the 21st Century!