Diabetes Education

Parallel to obesity but recently surpassing it, rates of diabetes in the US are at epidemic levels and continue to increase. It is estimated that children born today have a one in three chance of developing the disease if they adopt the nation’s inactive and overeating lifestyle. Diabetes educators are health care professionals from a variety of disciplines, including registered dietitians, nurses and pharmacists. Their focus is on helping people with diabetes understand their disease and manage lifestyle behaviors.  There are many levels of education and experience among diabetes educators; however, those who obtain a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) certification have a higher level of expertise. Registered dietitians who are CDE’s are specially qualified to provide education on disease management  including diet, exercise and medications. The end goal is to decrease or delay the development of the long- term complications of the disease which can be devastating. Debra has held her Certified Diabetes Educator certificate for fifteen years beginning with pediatric diabetes and subsequently working with a variety of clients with type 1 or 2. She believes strongly in a “hands-on” approach providing clients with glucometers and blood sugar readings in her office as well as education on their A1C%, medications and  laboratory values, subjects often not discussed in depth by physicians.


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