teens-adolescents The session begins when a parent completes a questionnaire and the adolescent completes a four day food log and food and exercise review.  These documents are sent out ahead of  the visit or downloaded from  this website. All lab results should be gained from the family doctor and brought to the initial visit, along with height and weight data. Adolescent eating issues are often sensitive and require a higher level of expertise in handling a session. The eating pattern and behaviors of adolescents are influenced more by factors outside of the immediate family unit. Therefore, the adolescent is seen individually and parents are usually included at the end of the session. As with children, sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes. This age group often expresses their independence through food choices, which may often prove harmful. Examples of these extreme eating patterns are veganism, extreme dieting, binging or under eating to meet a weight goal for a sport. Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent and usually make their first appearance in late adolescence (anorexia, bulimia). Debra has many years experience in assessing and screening adolescence for these problems making appropriate referrals to or interacting with physicians and mental health professionals.