Initial Consultation:  60-90 minutes

The session begins when you complete a four-day food record and medical history form, which is sent out ahead of the visit or downloaded from my website. You will bring this information as well as current lab results to your initial visit.

The first visit is a comfortable “get to know you” session where your weight and medical history are reviewed as well as your lifestyle goals. By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of your current laboratory values and how these affect your health. In addition, you will receive an action plan for changing your diet and physical activity patterns.
Sample Session Breakdown:

•   A computer generated individualized meal plan and shopping list including 2 weeks of personalized menus

•   A dietary supplements prescription

•   Personalized starter exercise program with focus on “small steps”

•   Weight and Iron Man Body Composition Analysis and  body circumference measurements.

Follow-Up Sessions:  45-60 minutes

Changing eating and exercise habits is a process and may take several sessions. To help you reach your goals, reasonable out-of-pocket fees have been set if your visits are not covered by your insurance! In addition, rates can be modified depending on your finances.
Sample Session Breakdown:

  • Review of food log using phone or computer app or your hand-written record.
  • Weight and body circumference measurements monthly (repeat Iron Man body composition measurement every 6 months)
  • Behavioral and diet goal setting and recommitment counseling

Phone Sessions:

If you are unable to come physically to the office, you can have your follow up session by phone or e-mail. This will include a review or food intake apps or written logs, exercise progress, diabetes blood sugar reviews and behavioral and goal setting.
Advances in technology enable us to use apps such as MyCalorieCounter, MyFitnessPal and Livestrong to aide your progress in an interactive way. Diabetics can send over food and blood sugar graphs for help with meal times and food choices as well as medication adjustments.