Children picThe session begins when parents complete a questionnaire which consists of questions about the child’s medical, feeding history and physical activity patterns. A four-day food record is also completed by the child, parent or both. These two documents are sent out ahead of the visit or downloaded from this website. Parents should also bring a detailed growth record obtained from their pediatrician. You will bring this information as well as any current lab results to your initial visit. Sessions involving children are normally longer with a minimum of 90 minutes. Parents and the child are usually counseling together.  Each child receives an individualized meal plan with a special focus on his or her food preferences and parents  receive a personalized shopping list and parent guidelines. Debra has developed a series of motivational games that can assist a child in making lifestyle changes. Common problems with this age group are excessive or inadequate weight gain, picky eating, poor nutritional intake, extreme food choices and sports nutrition.